We have been working in the field of design, brand image management, photo editing and communication, for over twenty years. We ensure professional brand development, constantly looking for meaningful trends and emotions that will enhance creation and communication. We like to call us "Fertilizers of image" ...... and we are: PIETRO SPAGNUOLO: ART DIRECTOR - ROBERTO SPADACCIO: DESIGNER - LANNY KUO: ACCOUNT & PRODUCT MANAGER - FABIO MARCHESI: WEB & MULTIMEDIA - GIORGIO OLMOTI: WRITER - STEFANIA BRUNO: COPY & EDITING


Research, for us, is not only the starting point of every project but it is a project in itself, the essence of the way we work. Research guides us and defines what attracts our attention: themes, styles, trends, colours, graphics, materials, techniques. Every project is a first. Where are we now and where are we going, what catches our eye, attracts our ear or makes our taste buds tingle? Our inspiration comes from the world, from our surroundings, from what we feel now, immediate and contemporary, but also from what we have learnt in the past: styles, cultures, ways of being, art of living, dressing, choices made. We listen carefully to your requirements, to anything that can help us communicate ì who I want to be in this part of my lifeî. Language is in constant evolution and we intercept these changes. Our ingredients are carefully selected, we place great emphasis on experience, but, equally, we have great faith in the strength of creativity.


Our expertise lies in searching for new styles of sportswear and outdoor apparel, in creating, designing and making the apparel collections. We personally manage all the production phases, from searching for fabrics and materials to studying accessories, from product presentation to manufacturing and product packaging. We professionally design POP and POS materials, logos, co-ordinated image, we develop trade/consumer instore and outdoor advertising campaigns, always in tune with the Italian Style which is our very essence and which we support worldwide.

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